Tidal Roller (Full Size)

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  • Outer Layer made with 15% Bloom Algae Foam
  • Core made with 80% Recycled Materials
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Oceanfoam creates high quality, eco-friendly foam rollers & athletic gear to redefine active lifestyles & clean the planet. 

Whether you work hard or workout hard, you deserve a full-body treat. This full sized Tidal Roller features a unique wave-like textured surface to provide a gentle and effective massage for your body. Find relief with this roller at home, or take it with you to the gym. 


  • 20" Long x 5" Diameter
  • Solid core made with 80% post-industrial recycled EVA foam
  • Outer wave roller made using 15% Bloom algae pellets and EVA foam— injection molded to obtain wave texture for best muscle stimulation
  • Exclusive Oceanfoam wave pattern

In our effort to create a healthier environment, this item will be shipped in a fully recyclable algae paper belly band and carton.

Foam Rolling 101

Foam rollers are only intended to help with general stiffness and soreness from normal physical activity. Foam rollers are not intended to treat injuries. You should seek medical care for any injuries you experience.

Use our foam rollers at home, the gym and wherever feels good. Oceanfoam rollers are firm and work great to roll out areas like the bottoms of your feet, legs, arms and upper back before or after a workout or physical activity.

Our full size roller is more suitable for use on the ground to massage all the muscles in your body properly. Our travel roller works great standing up (for the bottoms of your feet) or seated in a chair (providing lumbar support for your back and neck) or on a counter or raised surface (massaging your arms and legs).

Talk to a trainer or medical professional for advice before you foam roll. If it hurts, stop and get proper instruction.

For beginners, limit the time you are foam rolling to 30 seconds per area to avoid bruising and over-rolling your muscles.

Experts do not recommend foam rolling your lower back, neck or IT bands. For more information, check out the article here.

Clean the planet

Every Oceanfoam foam roller has an outer layer that is made using 15% Bloom algae foam, which cleans water and helps to restore aquatic ecosystems and captures CO2 emissions.

Click below to learn more about the use of algae in Oceanfoam products and the impact it makes.