Our Story

We started Oceanfoam to create a healthy and active lifestyle for our kids along with a commitment to producing sustainable products so that there is a clean world for them to enjoy in the future. We’re doing our part to reduce waste, utilize recycled materials and clean the water.

Oceanfoam was founded in February of 2023 after I sold my last company and in between having two kids. I had been foam rolling for years to help with a stiff neck and tight lower back and always wanted to make a better foam roller. When a friend and doctor asked for some foam rollers for an orthopedic center for professional athletes, I started working on them. I looked around and couldn’t find one I liked that was made in a sustainable way so I created one myself with the help of a great team.

Who we are

My name is Zachary Quinn. I was the cofounder of beanie brand, Love Your Melon, and started Oceanfoam earlier this year. Brooke, my fiancé, and I have two young children now, Jack and George. Jack loves to foam roll already at two-years-old and George isn’t far behind, he’s learning quickly from his older brother.

Why Foam Rollers

Foam rolling has been a part of my life for over 5 years. It’s probably a part of getting old but it feels like something that always should have been there. I use a foam roller on my back and neck to reduce tension from working on my phone and computer. I also like to roll out my leg and arm muscles after a workout or just while I’m watching tv. It feels good to do something and having these foam rollers all around the house makes me want to be more active. Jack likes to knock over all the foam roller samples in the house every morning and make piles of them to roll on so it makes the house pretty fun too.

When I started making samples my goal was to make a foam roller beautiful enough that you wouldn’t want to put it away. I can’t believe how amazing they turned out. They feel great and they also look good. Having a foam roller with you while you travel or visible in your living room will make you think about using it more and ultimately lead to you taking care of your body more often, without needing to be in workout mode. This is the active lifestyle we set out to accomplish, for ourselves and our kids.

How we were going to make them sustainable wasn’t initially obvious but I knew it was something I had to accomplish to complete the story. On Easter 2023, Brooke gave me a pair of Hunter slides (shoes) made with Bloom algae. This inspired the idea to make the first foam roller from algae. If they could do it with shoes–and it was tested enough to work as an Adidas sole–I knew it would work for a foam roller.

What's next?

There is a lot we can make with foam with Bloom algae. We aim to focus on foam rollers and workout products as we get started. The community of people that already use them in that space deserve higher quality and more beautiful products that are sustainable, long-lasting and help the environment. Long-term, we see opportunities for growth in clothing, accessories and footwear along with pool and marine products. The foam rollers already float, it’s just going to take some tweaks to bring brand new products to those industries that no one else is doing.

We are also excited to launch our custom program for foam rollers. All of our products can be customized via laser engraving, and we are committed to having colors available to suit the needs of sports teams, gyms, resorts, brands and influencers. Check out our custom program here where you will gain access and receive discounts at volume.