Introducing Oceanfoam™, where beauty and function meet sustainability. We create innovative foam products using algae and recycled materials on our mission to redefine active lifestyles and clean the planet.

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At Oceanfoam, we are on a mission to clean the water and air on our planet. We redefine active lifestyles by creating innovative products made using algae and recycled materials and we make them beautiful enough that you don’t want to hide them away. Our solutions not only enhance your daily life but make it more beautiful and help clean the world around us.

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Oceanfoam products seamlessly blend beauty and function into one. From sleek foam rollers to functional accessories and equipment, each piece reflects our commitment to creating more sustainable products. Our products are meant to be left out in your living room, bedroom, gym, office, garage, by the pool, or even alongside you in your car, boat or plane. Each product looks great and will encourage you to be active in taking care of your body and helping save our planet.

Our products are made using a mixture of EVA foam, Bloom algae foam, and recycled materials. For more details, please visit individual product pages.

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Join the Oceanfoam Movement

Oceanfoam is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle. We're uniting eco-conscious individuals to reduce waste, limit our carbon footprint, and feel good about the products we purchase. Join us in making an impact on the planet, one beautiful, sustainable product at a time.

Sign up to be an Oceanfoam ambassador and become one of the first to increase your impact on our planet (and make some money while you’re at it!).

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