Made With Algae

Cleaning water & air one foam roller at a time.

Why Algae?

Algae is the fastest-growing plant on Earth and it is a vital component of aquatic ecosystems. However, the rise of global temperatures, excess nutrient runoff, and human activities have contributed to an uncontrollable rise in algae growth in ecosystems around the world—harming plant, animal and human life. 

In partnership with Bloom, we are creating awesome new products like our rollers using algae. Bloom harvests areas of algae over-production as well as cleans major waterways. Using a proprietary process, they transform the wet algae into a performance material that can be used in products like ours.

Algae is a unique bio-material because it's restorative — it doesn't use land, water, or fertilizer and pesticides. By using algae in our products, we are not only helping to remove harmful algae from our water systems, but also helping to:

Clean water sources, which helps to regenerate and maintain healthy ecosystems.

Reduce waste in the production process by recycling pre-consumer materials.

Clean the air by capturing CO2 and reducing carbon emissions in production.

In partnership with:

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The Process

Bloom harvests algae across the United States, Mexico, and beyond from areas of harmful algae overgrowth as well as from water treatment facilities. The algae then goes through a proprietary process to transform it into a production-ready material.


The wet algae or sludge is harvested by Bloom.


The wet algae is dried and then broken up into flakes.


The flakes are then processed and ground into a fine powder.


The powder is then blended with other bio-based polymers to form a compound and then shaped & formed into pellets.

The first foam roller

Made from Algae

At Oceanfoam, we create innovative foam products from algae and recycled materials on our mission to redefine active lifestyles and clean the planet.

Made with Bloom, the outer layer of our foam rollers are made of 15% Bloom Algae Foam Pellets and EVA foam and the inner center core is made using 80% recycled foam from the excess material leftover in making yoga mats.

The Environmental Impact

With every Oceanfoam product, we are making an impact on the planet. For each product we produce, we are cleaning both water and air throughout the entire production process of material to product.



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